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Martina Pilcerova finished the Master Degree of Fine Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava, Slovak Republic, in the Creative Experimental Studio of Prof. Vladimir Popovic in 2001. She also took animation lessons, including camera operating, storyboarding and script writing at the Film University in Bratislava for two years.

She has won various awards including the "Jack Gaughan Award" for the Best Emerging Artist in 2003 (Boston, USA), "Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Academy Award" for the best artist in Czech and Slovak Republic in 1999, 2001 and 2002 (Prague) and "Istron" for the best artist in Slovakia in 2001 and 2003. She was included in "Spectrum 8 and 10 The Best of Contemporary Fantastic Art" (Underwood Press, USA, 2001, 2003). The painting "Downtown Blues" received the Judges Choice Award in the Art Show at Worldcon 2002 in San Jose, California. Four of her works are included in a book "Paper Tiger Fantasy Art Gallery" edited by Paul Barnett in June 2002.

Her work has appeared in exhibitions at 26 conventions including several World Science Fiction Conventions, Eurocons and World Fantasy Convention (Glasgow, London, Los Angeles, San Antonio, Baltimore, Chicago, Dortmund, Gdynia, San Jose).

Her paintings were published on more than 80 covers of books, magazines and games. She worked for magazines: Ikarie (Czech Republic), Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction - the Czech edition (Czech Republic), Fantazia (Slovakia), SFWA Bulletin - The Nebula Collector's Issue (USA), Albedo One (Ireland), Cerberus (Belgium), Alien Contact (Germany), Imperija (Latvia), Talebones (USA), SF Chronicle (USA), Asimov's (USA).

Her covers have appeared on books of publishers: Talpress (Vorkosigan Adventures by Lois McMaster Bujold, G.G. Kay, Czech Republic), Fantom Print (Deathworld Planet series by Harry Harrison, Czech Republic), Epos (Fairy tales book for children with 20 full color interior illustrations, Half Breeds series, Slovakia), , Argument Verlag (Luke-Harrison trilogy, Downtown Blues by Myra Cakan, Germany), Fox Acre Press (Nightside City, USA), Berkley Books (USA), Prime Books (USA), BeWrite Books (UK).

At the beginning of 2000, Red Beat Pictures Filmproduction (Berlin, Germany) contracted her to create 6 script illustrations and designs of aliens and the alien space ship for the project "When the Music's Over". The script is written by Myra Cakan and John Shirley (co-writer of "The Crow").

In 2003 she started to work on the movie project for the company Uncharted Territory, founded by Volker Engel and Marc Weigert (creators of special effects on "Independence Day" and "Godzilla").

She wrote and drew 14 comics that were printed in magazines in Slovakia and Hungary. Later, besides the book market, she started to be interested in gaming industry, working on RPGs such as: "Waste World" designed by Bill King (Manticore Productions Ltd., USA), "Sun & Scale" (Gaslight Press, USA), "Fates Worse Than Death" (Vajra Enterprises, USA). "Tales of Gaea", (HinterWelt Enterprises, USA), and collectible card games: "Arena" (Altar, Czech Republic), "A Game of Thrones" by G. R. R. Martin (Fantasy Flight Games, USA), "Dungeons & Dragons", "Magic the Gathering" and conceptual designs for "Kamigawa" and "Ravnica" sets. (Wizards of the Coast, USA).

She was nominated for the best fantasy story in Czech and Slovak Republic in 1990 and 2000. She created two short movies during her study at the university: "Crater" (the animation projected onto the large drawing) and "Decadence Express" (short live-action movie including the fashion show performance).